Why Traditional Marketing No Longer Works for Small Business

Do you ever wonder what type of impact your message has? 

When COVID 19 emerged and changed our way of life we started hearing terms such as “uncertain” and “unprecedented”. Once people realized the situation was not going away any time soon, a new term emerged. The “new normal” as a way to reference this time in our lives when many of the rules have changed. 

The term is getting some pushback. Why the controversy?

It’s not a clear message. We don’t know how it applies to us. 

It’s obviously a shift from the “old normal”, but is it a good or bad thing?

People will fill in the blank when there’s no clarity.


Words Don’t Always Mean What You Intend

Many people believe the “new normal” means a loss. Change is hard and when control has shifted it’s easy to take on a victim mentality or long for what we know as familiar. There is now less face-to-face interaction, fewer job openings, and a loss of much of our previous schedule and lifestyle.


Others will consider the “new normal” as positive. This shift has accelerated disruptions and created new ways of working, living, and thinking when we were forced to pivot.  We enjoy more family time, new ways of doing business, and less carbon footprint on the environment.

Other ways this time has been referenced include:

  • A Different Normal
  • A Temporary Normal
  • These Times
  • A New Season
  • A Challenging Time
  • Where We Are Today After Everything Happened


The “new normal” really isn’t new. We’ve lived through transitions, never going back to the way it was before. It’s also called “progress”. Consider all of the changes as a result of 9/11 which impacts how we live and interact today.


We will get through this and on the other side of it, we’ll each have a name for it.

Why the New Normal is Causing So Much Chatter

Message Creation for Business

When it comes to creating a message for your business, it works best when the language is clear and speaks specifically to your customer’s problems. It should highlight the value you bring and include how you understand. It should paint a picture for your customer of the transition they’ll experience as a result of doing business with you. 


Yes, messaging impacts your marketing. It can be the difference between effective marketing or random acts of marketing that waste money. Which will you choose?

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