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The Story Marketing Success Partnership Plan

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Give Your Referral the Support They Need

Darla Kirchner

Lisa McGuire

Meet Darla Kirchner and Lisa McGuire. As experienced StoryBrand Certified Guides, they partner to bring Story Marketing Success to your referrals. They'll walk alongside business owners every step of the way to develop messaging and a marketing roadmap to qualify leads and engage clients.

In only 12 weeks, your referrals will have the confidence and the tools needed to move their business forward.

StoryBrand Certified Guides, Darla Kirchner and Lisa McGuire

"I had a brandscript, but knew I needed more practice and more time to work on it to feel comfortable and confident moving forward. Getting the chance to work with two coaches in a group setting for feedback has been such a valuable experience."

- Carol Frankenstein

"I wanted to create something for my business I would be proud to show the world. Story Marketing Success has given me the confidence I need to know exactly how I add value to my customer’s lives."

- Renee Hoffman

Working with two coaches is a bonus. You get double the benefit when they each offer their own perspective. It’s awesome because we get double the value.

- Theresa Vermillion

Our Promise to Your Referrals

  • Group size will be limited to 12 participants to ensure access to feedback and engagement.

  • Two certified experts to walk with step-by-step to learn a repeatable process for marketing.

  • Access to other small business owners for peer feedback and networking with industry experts. 

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