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A 4-Week Online Coaching Experience

Create a Marketing Message for Today

Are You Still Talking to a Pre-Pandemic Customer?

Don’t give up on 2020 without a good fight.

Make your marketing work with a message relevant to today’s customer

Your customer’s problems have shifted. Let them know how you can help.


Isn't It Time Your Marketing Worked For You?

2020 took a sharp turn no business owner could have anticipated. Business plans and marketing budgets came to a grinding halt. Businesses kept afloat in unprecedented ways.

While the “normal” we had hope to return soon is still beyond our reach, we have no choice but to move forward. 

Your customers’ problems may be different. Your product offerings might have changed.

But what about your marketing message? 

It’s time to bring a relevant marketing message into today’s world.  Introducing the Freshen Up Your Marketing Message by Story Marketing Success.

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Next Session Starts September 3rd


You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

Darla Kirchner

Lisa McGuire

Meet Darla Kirchner and Lisa McGuire. As StoryBrand Certified Guides, they are partnering to bring you “Freshen Up Your Message” by Story Marketing Success. They walk alongside business owners every step of the way to develop the message you need to engage today’s customers in the midst of a pandemic. 

You will not only learn how to do it. In only 4 weeks you’ll have the message you need to move your business forward.

StoryBrand Certified Guides, Darla Kirchner and Lisa McGuire

When we are equipped to speak the language of story, you speak to the deepest recesses of the human brain. - Don Miller


What Do You Get With Freshen Up Your Message?

Develop a message and marketing that qualify your leads and engage your clients

At the end of “Freshen Up Your Message” you will have:

  • the only 7 messages you need for ALL of your marketing
  • a clear and concise way to call out your ideal client when you answer the question “what do you do?”
  • a one-year subscription to all of the Business Made Simple Online Courses (value $275).


These following courses are included:

o   StoryBrand Messaging Framework

o   Marketing Made Simple

o   Proposals Made Simple

o   Communication Made Simple

o   Mission Statement Made Simple

o   Enneagram Made Simple

o   $0 to $10 Million (scheduled release November 2020)

o   Productivity Made Simple (scheduled release January 2021)

  • Weekly one-hour coaching calls led by two experienced StoryBrand Certified Guides
  • A community of small business owners to provide feedback on your message
  • A private Facebook community to connect with other small business owners
Story Marketing Success Marketing Machine

Hear From Our Program Alumni

"I wanted to create something for my business that I would be proud to show the world.  Story Marketing Success helps you present your message in a way to make it easy and clear for people to do business with you."

- Renee Hoffman

"Working with two coaches is a bonus. You get double the benefit when they each bring their own perspectives. It's awesome because we get all of it."

- Theresa Vermillion

"I had a BrandScript but knew I needed more practice and more time to work on it to feel comfortable and confident moving forward. Getting the chance to work with two coaches in a group setting for feedback has been such a valuable experience."

- Carol Frankenstein

How Does the Story Marketing Success Program Work?

An Investment You Can Take To The Bank

Be a Story Marketing Success

Every Business Owner Deserves to Be Successful

Story Marketing Success
  • Be known for the problem you solve

  • Identify the only marketing messages you’ll need

  • Be confident you know what to do

  • Use the words that customers need to find you

  • Tell the story that customers want to hear

  • Implement a proven framework that will help you be understood


Isn’t it time to catch up with your customers?

Stop putting it off thinking "I'll do it someday".

Imagine, by the start of Q4 you can explain what you do so others understand who you work with and the value you bring.

Next Session is September 3-24, 2020

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